Bas Groothedde


A blog-ish website by someone who wants to write about anything.

About XORU

The purpose of this blog is to provide me with a medium where I can share any thought I have, any subject I have learned and anything else I simply want to write about. There will be a vast number of subjects on this website, so anything can be expected.


My name is Bas Groothedde and I'm a software engineer and teacher. I've been developing freeware for over a decade now, automated solutions to problems is another thing I like to share. This is why this blog will contain a lot of information about digital technology as well (programming, software architecture, embedded development, electronics).

As mentioned, I am a teacher as well. I teach people from about 14 years old up to 26 years old about software development subjects and IT subjects. I think knowledge is something you have to share, it's something everyone needs and everyone needs someone to help them get it. It's an extremely fun job, working with people and telling them about everything that is software.

The name XORU

The name XORU comes from an obfuscation algorithm I once designed. This algorithm is a simplistic CBC encryption algorithm (32-bits to 512-bits) that should obfuscate memory used by processes that want to make stealing information from process memory a bit more difficult. The name implies XOR and U(nsigned), meaning that unsigned integer operations take place and XOR operations take place. It's a name I stuck with for online projects.

Other places

There are several other places where I publish code and articles. I tend to prefer creative stuff, so I once needed a medium where I could be a creative coder and write about subjects I wanted to share my thought on. The website is great for this, thus I have a tonne of pens and posts over there. The posts you see over there will reside on this website as well.